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Ofs Centrifugal Exhaust Fan with Auto Push-Pull with CE

Weifang Jianliang Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 19, 2017

Ofs Centrifugal Exhaust Fan with Auto Push-Pull with CE Basic Info

  • Application: Industrial, Greenhouse, Poultry, Office etc.

  • Certification: CE, CE

  • Air Volume: 45000m3/H

  • Prod. Size: 146*146*58cm

  • Type: Ventilation Fan

  • Origin: China

  • Material: Fiberglass

  • Installation: Wall Mounted

  • Impeller Range: 1220mm

  • Roating Speed: 460rpm

  • Power Supply: Electric

  • Power: 0.75kw

  • Specification: 146*146*58cm

Ofs Centrifugal Exhaust Fan with Auto Push-Pull with CE Product Description


1. Industrial fields: Textile, socks/clothes making, glass, molding, rubber, coating, silk-screen printing, toy, electronics, home appliances, shoe making, printing, food stuff, processing, dyeing, laundry and other workshops with high temperature.
2. Civil fields: Net bars, stores, supermarkets, mess hall, food markets, waiting-rooms and recreation places and other occasions with air-conditioning.

Ofs Centrifugal Exhaust Fan with Auto Push-Pull with CE Features:
1. The patented design provides excellent performance without a cone.
2. Thick and corrosion resistance SMC housing with limited lifetime warranty.
3. Rust-free, corrosion-free, SMC housing with onterior glossy for high output performance and low maintenance
4. Every feature of cone fan line is designed to maximize performance and durability 6 blanced SMC paddle blades
5. Direct drive fan requiring no belts, no bearings to grease with high efficiency with no drive loss
6. Totally enclosed, maintenance free, high efficiency direct drive motors
7. Uniques shutter design lower resistance with preventing back drafts
8. Unique motor mount design allows you to quickly and easily remove all interior fan conmponts from inside of the building
9. Self draining, sloped housing is quick and easy to clean reducing maintenance costs
10. PVC coated outside guard

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