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Ventilation Fan To Improve The Ideal State Of Indoor Air

Weifang Jianliang Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2017

  Ventilation Fan to improve the ideal state of indoor air

  In modern home life, more and more people to pursue high quality, home air environment is undoubtedly in the first place, it is this problem often troubled us.

  In daily life, we often encounter the following situations:

  1. After the kitchen closes the hood, it will still produce fumes and the smell is long and lingering;

  2. Indoor ventilation is poor, Ventilation Fan the feeling of fresh air;

  3. Rainy days, the indoor environment is easy to wet, more prone to mildew;

  4. bathroom ventilation is not complete, odor residue, and occasionally there will be stench ... ...

  If we want to solve these problems, how kind of ventilation fans can help us busy?

  (1) ventilation fans do multi-space synchronous ventilation

  Traditional ventilation fans - the general family of ventilation fans only one exhaust, is a traditional integrated ceiling "a space a ventilation," the traditional Ventilation Fan mode, that is, the traditional ventilation fans can only meet the kitchen or bathroom and other single space ventilation, so, For the whole room will cause ventilation is not complete. However, if the traditional ventilation fans to achieve a more complete home ventilation, the need to increase and install the number of ventilation fans, so when the operation of multiple ventilation fans at the same time, not only noise, and the cost will be increased accordingly.

  The ideal Ventilation Fan should be like this - if there is a ventilation fan can completely change this model, that is, the installation of a ventilation fan can also meet the multiple space at the same time ventilation, so, ventilation is not more thorough. Such as the installation of only a Ventilation Fan fan in the bathroom, after the boot can also meet the bathroom, bedroom, living room 3 space completely ventilated, not only that, but also put an end to noise. Therefore, our ideal ventilation fans should be able to achieve a multi-space synchronous ventilation ... ...

  (2) ventilation fan to do the strength of the stalls can be automatically adjusted

  Traditional ventilation fans - the traditional Ventilation Fan has only one high-grade switch, and must be "open when used, people walk off", so, ventilation must not be completely. Ventilation Fan For example - when leaving the bathroom off the ventilation fan, in fact, there are residual odor, and occasionally there will be stench.

  The ideal ventilation fan should be like this - if there is a ventilation fan switch is intelligent, and is a multi-gear, you can effectively solve this problem. For example - from the bathroom to open the ventilation fan switch to leave the bathroom, do not close the ventilation fan switch, ventilation fans can run high-grade 30 minutes, and then automatically jump into the low-grade work, so, residual odor or stench is not completely cleared The

  (3) ventilation fan to do the inlet can be adjusted

  Traditional ventilation fans - the traditional exhaust fan in addition to the stalls can not be adjusted, the air inlet is also can not be adjusted, so, the traditional ventilation fans can only be used for kitchen or bathroom to eliminate odor, do not know, when the indoor door to wear tight ventilation, Ventilation Fan The air will be fresh, rainy days indoor environment is easy to wet, more prone to mildew.